Summer Workshops – latest news

September 27, 2017

Week 1 “Yo ho ho , Pirates Ahoy!”

Monday 3st July.

Today was our first day and we began with one of our favourite activities – decopatching gift boxes whilst we got to know each other. In the afternoon we were visited by Andrew from the Discovery Museum here in Leeds. He came dressed as a pirate with many artefacts which pirates may have used or discovered and then we drew some of them.

On Tuesday st August we made a flotilla of pirate galleons in the Learning Zone. They looked really effective – made out of eggboxes! Meanwhile, our visiting storyteller Amanda visited all the wards and offered those children, who were well enough to join in but who were unable to come to the Learning Zone, some stories and songs.

Wednesday 2nd August saw us making Treasure maps, parrots and pirate hats – lots of glue, glitter and feathers required!

On Thursday 3rd August continuing with our pirate theme we made some treasure chests and then decided what we should keep in them – someone suggested biscuits!!

This was not as inappropriate as you would think, as we were planning to make gingerbread parrots that afternoon!!

However making a parrot shape in dough is not as easy as it sounds and so we settled for gingerbread pirates instead using a gingerbread man cutter.

On Friday 4th August, unfortunately for us but good for them, all our young people had gone home and so we were able to spend time making the Learning Zone look amazing with all the wonderful objects that we had made during the week.

Week 2 Under the Sea

Monday 7th August saw us welcome back Artbugs and their amazing art and craft workshop led by Catherine. We made some fish out of plastic bottles, peg mermaids, porthole pictures and marbling sea scenes.

On Tuesday 8th we practised our clay modelling skills in an attempt to make some convincing looking underwater creatures – some were more successful than others!

Wednesday 9th saw us practising our paper skills, both with origami creatures and Hawaiian Lei garlands. We also painted some of our clay creatures from yesterday though there was plenty of debate as to whether they looked better painted or not

Thursday was a very busy day. In the morning we decopatched sea creatures and made mini sand sculptures in jars, very pretty.

In the afternoon we had our very popular annual drumming session. Jamie brought enough Djembes for everyone, including all the adults, and we created some brilliant rhythms which could be easily heard outside in the corridors judging from the numbers of passers- by who peered in at us!

Friday was our last day so we thought we would treat ourselves and by popular request make some cookies! This was not totally self-indulgent as we made one batch with normal flour and one batch with gluten free flour and so we carried out a scientific experiment to make predictions about the outcome and then observe the results – obviously some tasting was involved!

Thanks to everyone who supported our fortnight including our visitors and our sponsor The Emma Maltby Memorial Fund.

Pauline Fox

Johanna Shannon

Anna Naylor