Corporate, group or association

No matter the size of your organisation, or the amount of commitment that you are able to offer, by working together for mutual benefit we can make a positive difference to the live of teenagers and young adults affected by cancer.


Your company could make a simple donation to The Emma Maltby Memorial Fund. By giving a simple donation you will help us to fund our vital learning mentors who have already done so much to enhance the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer.

Employee fundraising

Whether you’re running a simple team building exercise, trying to motivate your staff, increase productivity or just have a great time supporting a worthwhile cause, The Emma Maltby Memorial Fund is a great charity to work with on employee fundraising.


If you’re organising an event to support The Emma Maltby Memorial Fund, it’s a great way to involve your staff, customers and even your suppliers, giving your business greater communication and bonds between each section of its life cycle, whilst also raising money for charity all you need to do is get people involved.

Events can be an excellent opportunity for PR and raising the local profile of your business in support of a worthwhile cause. If your company already has a specific time period for the promotion of the business, then including a charity event can really bolster your links with the local community as well as offer an excellent PR opportunity.