Each day in the United Kingdom, six teenagers will discover they have cancer. The Emma Maltby Memorial Fund strives to make life better for children, teenage and young adult cancer patient.

Whilst undergoing treatment, a young cancer patient can miss out on long periods of educational support and vital school or college exams. This, coupled with the trauma of the illness, only adds to their distress.

Cancer patients need educational, emotional and developmental support for them to pursue their dreams and ambitions. The mission of The Emma Maltby Memorial Fund is to fulfil these needs through the provision of a Learning Mentor.

The aims of the Learning Mentors are to minimise as far as possible the interruption and disruption to a patient’s education by continuing in as normal a manner as their medical circumstances permit.

Currently the Fund employs two Learning Mentors at St James’s Universtiy Hospital and the Leeds General Infirmary in Leeds. We need to raise over £80,000 annually to ensure we can cover the cost of both salaries for the next three years.

Latest News

  • Cancer does not discriminate

    August 23, 2016

    ‘Cancer does not discriminate’. This saying has always struck a chord with me and feels particularly pertinent in my role as Oncology Learning Mentor.

    On a daily basis I work with children, young people and their families, ordinary families like …

  • Summer Activities 2016!

    Summer Enrichment Fortnight 2016

    Every year we carefully plan, and eagerly anticipate, the arrival of our summer activities’ fortnight. Unlike other times of the year, the enrichment fortnight gives us, specialist learning mentors, the opportunity to plan, arrange and deliver …

  • Summer Workshops updates

    August 19, 2016

    The summer workshops funded by the EMMF have once again been a huge success. Both of our Learning Mentors organize this event – they will shortly be posting a full report.…